martedì 7 ottobre 2014

Antique italian coffee pot.

This Antique Italian aluminum coffee maker, is a Neapolitan flip coffee pot and it makes the best coffee you can taste!

The Neapolitan flip coffee pot (Italian language: Napoletana, Neapolitan dialect: cuccumella) is a drip brew coffee maker for the stove top... unlike a Moka Express, a Napoletana does not use the pressure of steam to force the water through the coffee, relying instead on gravity.

It consists of a bottom section filled with water, a filter section in the middle filled with finely ground coffee, and an upside-down pot placed on the top. When the water boils, the entire three-part coffee maker is flipped over to let the water filter through the coffee grounds.

Once the water has dripped through the grounds, the water-boiling and filter sections are removed, and the coffee is served from the remaining pot.
Here you can find some tips to make a good coffee with your "Napoletana"!

It's composed by four pieces: a pot with spout, a water holder (boiler) and two filters.

The body is made of aluminum and the handles are bakelite.
The mark on the bottom says:
E.R &C

It will be wonderful on the shelves of your kitchen... a lovely addition to your breakfast table or just a funny gift for the coffee lovers!


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