martedì 7 ottobre 2014

Vintage Turkish Copper Coffee Pot with Hinged Lid .

Small Turkish Copper and Brass Coffee Pot Hinged Lid with Great Patina and Character.

Small pitcher has a long cast metal handle and features a tiny crescent moon and star  finial .
Lovely weathered coffee pot is ornate etched and hammered
Handle is also ornate .

A Vintage item sold in good used condition a few small attrition only add to it's charm,

holds water and as the tin lining is intact inside, could still be used

This little beauty would make a great prop for a still life artist or photographer!


Antique italian coffee pot.

This Antique Italian aluminum coffee maker, is a Neapolitan flip coffee pot and it makes the best coffee you can taste!

The Neapolitan flip coffee pot (Italian language: Napoletana, Neapolitan dialect: cuccumella) is a drip brew coffee maker for the stove top... unlike a Moka Express, a Napoletana does not use the pressure of steam to force the water through the coffee, relying instead on gravity.

It consists of a bottom section filled with water, a filter section in the middle filled with finely ground coffee, and an upside-down pot placed on the top. When the water boils, the entire three-part coffee maker is flipped over to let the water filter through the coffee grounds.

Once the water has dripped through the grounds, the water-boiling and filter sections are removed, and the coffee is served from the remaining pot.
Here you can find some tips to make a good coffee with your "Napoletana"!

It's composed by four pieces: a pot with spout, a water holder (boiler) and two filters.

The body is made of aluminum and the handles are bakelite.
The mark on the bottom says:
E.R &C

It will be wonderful on the shelves of your kitchen... a lovely addition to your breakfast table or just a funny gift for the coffee lovers!


lunedì 6 ottobre 2014

Trento Flea Market.

Trento Flea Market is open on second Saturday each month. Market is located in the heart of the city and spreads out on several streets and in a small public garden near the main market square. 

Trento is an Italian city in the Adige River valley, Trentino-Alto Adige / Südtirol/South Tirol. It is the capital of Trentino Area. 

Trento is close to the mountains and forest so vintage and antique finds from wood aren't unusual in this market. 

Wooden things are in fashion again and I just love this wooden telephone!

Another interesting find for the kitchen.

Trento is close to Austria and Germany, so here you can find antique and vintage items are not only from Italy but also from those countries. 

And now look - there are more and more items - toys, souvenirs, vintage and retro.
I love this stand - vintage lace, linen and trivia made ​​from it, all sorts of little things women like.

Very nice, aren't they? But these are not really vintage. These are just made in vintage style "shabby chic". All handmade, natural wood, but all new.

These are treasures of the seller I am well acquainted with. She calls me "the girl with spoons," because I always order "interesting spoons" from her for my store. 

I'll be back here again next month and I accept orders.

My shop "Мilly S vintage & collection".